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If you need to delete a photo located in your albums, please follow the steps below: 1. Go to the photo you want to delete and click on it. 2. The photo will open full screen with a menu up top 3. In the menu, please click OPTIONS-->DELETE 4. You will be asked to confirm to delete the photo. Once done your photo is deleted and you will not be able to recover the photo again.

If you want to delete a complete album AND all the pictures inside, please follow the steps below: 1. Go to your profile 2. Click on Albums below your main profile picture 3. Click on Albums again below the first one you clicked 4. Select the album you want to delete 5. Once you are inside the album, look to the far right for 3 dots on top of each other - click them 6. Select Delete Album 7. Confirm the delete. Thats it - you have now deleted your album AND all the photos inside it.

Deleting a video is very easy. Follow the steps below. 1. Go to your profile 2. Click on Videos below your main profile photo. 3. Click on Your Videos 4. Click on the image of your video (not the name) 5. When it opens up full screen look in the top left corner for OPTIONS - click that. 6. Click Delete - Confirm deleting your video And you are done!

We hope we can convince you to stay. We never want to see a user leave for issues we can help resolve. However, if you still wish to delete your profile, please follow the steps below: 1. Go to the top of any page on Fetishmen and look in the top right corner. There you will find a GEAR. 2. Click on the GEAR and then move your mouse to GENERAL and click. 3. Once you are in the new page, look at the top and click on DELETE ACCOUNT. 4. You will be given a warning asking if you are sure you wan...