Slave Regs and Rules

  • slave Regulations

    a slave may not touch anything used to punish, discipline, or restrain it unless ordered to

    if a slave is not able to execute an order, it will immediately prostrate itself for punishment

    a slave may not sit or lie on any furniture except for the performance of its duties

    a slave may not lean against walls, furniture or other objects except for the performance of its duties

    a slave may not lie down except in prostration awaiting discipline or for bedtime

    a slave will execute all commands immediately without hesitation or question

    a slave may not tell a lie

    a slave may not use profane language at any time

    a slave may not touch its genitals, nipples or ass unless specifically ordered to, or for cleaning purposes as required by its Master

    a slave must always be naked in any Master's household, unless specifically instructed otherwise

    a slave will keep its body clean and available for its Master's use 24 hours a day

    a slave will use the word 'SIR' only once per statement as in "It is 3:00, SIR"

    a slave will address its own Master as "Master" or "Sir", but will address any other Master only as "Sir"

    a slave speaks only on command, but may speak to ask a question or request permission to use the restroom, etc.

    Rules for a Successful slave

    i will serve, obey and please my Master.

    i am nothing more than an object of small value - an instrument Master will use to draw out His pleasures.

    i will ask my Master for permission to satisfy whatever need i have before acting on it.

    My body and mind are the property of my Master.

    i must always give thanks to my Master for all i am given immediately after receiving what He has given me, for such things are gifts or privileges granted to me by Him.

    i have no will of my own other than that which falls within the context of the rules i have selected and of that which is needed to pursue the ambitions i am allowed to seek out as according to the permissions i have received from my Master. i will report to Him my progress in such matters to receive His favor or His guidance in making whatever steps may be required to move ahead so that i am successful.

    i am always in submission to my Master whether He is present or not, ready to please Him at anytime, in any place, under any circumstances, regardless of who may be present. For the opportunity to submit and to please is by far more important and satisfying than any other pursuit. i trust my Master will keep me safe, protecting His reputation and mine in the presence of others, as He examines my ability to present myself to Him and to others in a subtle manner when required to protect our lifestyle from those who may not understand, nor support, as long as our behavior is not in anyway misrepresented nor misinterpreted by those who may be afar. i am to set, once again, a good example, ready to explain my position to others when required to do so. my lifestyle is a part of a growing culture for which i must never forget that i am an integral part.

    When i am not in the presence of my Master and i have choices to make - i will perform them to the best of my abilities and within the boundaries and guidance He has allowed me.

    my eyes must be cast down in the presence of my Master unless i am given permission to do so otherwise. i am to focus on my behavior, waiting to act appropriately and without hesitation when directed to do so by Him.

    my "place" is on my knees before my Master, for it is a privilege and honor to be His slave.

    i choose willingly to be treated as my Master's property

    i must never reach orgasm without explicit permission from my Master. Failure to receive properly asked for permission and i will endure punishment

    i must confess to my Master when i have been naughty so that He may decide if such violations require me to be disciplined or to be punished. i must accept whatever decisions He makes by thanking Him for His choice - if He allows it before or shortly thereafter, specifying as to why i will be or have been disciplined or punished. i must focus upon how sorry i am for not behaving in the way in which i have been taught - for i have brought defilement upon myself and to Him an unacceptable act which is displeasing to Him.

    i realize Master may own more than one slave, if He so chooses, and that i, unless allowed by Him, may never be able to have another Master other than Him, accept by His choosing to further my training. i trust Master will take whatever precautions are necessary to keep the slaves He chooses to own sexually healthy and to provide whatever measures are necessary to protect us from the eruptions and ravages of any jealously which may try to corrupt the relationships our Master has allowed between each of us - including the one we each have with Him.

    if i am required to be my Master's toilet, into or onto which He chooses to release the watery juices of His cock, i shall position myself to receive His personal waters by kneeling for Him, tilting my head back, opening my mouth wide, and closing my eyes so that He will delight in the display and offering of my body and of one of my orifices for Him choose upon which one to use. i shall remain still as He releases Himself, swallowing what i can of the waters He allows me. i shall play with myself during the release, as is instructed by Him, so that i am permitted to sexualize the experience as much as possible for His pleasure, thanking Him afterwards for allowing me the opportunity to honor Him in this most private way.

    i shall gladly make my body available to my Master to be used as furniture: my body positioned to decorate a room or a garden, a footstool to rest his weary feet and legs upon, my backside as a His table to eat off of, my palms to be used to hold a plate of His food, or my hands to hold a book open for Him to read or a lamp to for Him to see.

    Privacy is a privilege - even to have it when i need to use the bathroom. i must ask for it and accept my Master's decision even when i am denied of it.

    As a domestic slave i shall perform chores about my Master's house, and those of others He allows, acting in a sexual and enticing manner in all that i do.

    If i am sent to another Master to serve - i will serve that Master well, as if He were my Master, for i want my Master to receive a good report after i have been returned to Him.

    i will not date others or form a relationship with others without permission and approval from my Master. If i should have sex with others i will have it safely and will always tell my Master in detail what i have done so that no part of me is a secret and that i am laid bare for his inspection and approval.

    Attitudes and Attributes

    The slave shall display the following authorized slave attitudes and attributes at all times:

    Eagerness to Obey
    Speed in Carrying Out Orders
    Competence in Carrying Out Orders
    Success in Completely Carrying Out Orders
    Slavish Loyalty
    Slavish Devotion
    Gratitude towards its Master
    Love for its Master
    Worship for its Master

    The slave shall immediately, eagerly and without question carry out all commands and orders given to it without exception.

    The slave shall fully and successfully carry out all such commands and orders, complying completely with both the letter and spirit of every command.

    The slave is strictly forbidden to make any mistakes whatsoever in carrying out its Master's orders and commands.

    The slave must carry out all orders and commands completely within the time allotted for carrying them out.

    The slave shall show its Master the utmost gratitude for the privilege of carrying out His orders and commands, offering Him formal thanks whenever permitted to do so.

    The slave shall immediately report to its Master upon the complete carrying out of any order or command, except when to do so would bother or irritate Him.

    The slave shall humbly and quietly await further orders when it has fully completed one order or command and has reported back to its Master.

    The slave shall be prepared at all times to have all completed orders, tasks and assignments fully and minutely inspected to see that every detail has been carried out according to instruction.

    Any failure on the part of the slave to fully, completely and perfectly carry out its assigned orders shall be considered a serious and punishable offense.

    The slave’s General Rules

    The slave will always show his Master the highest level of respect.

    The slave will never lie to his Master.

    The slave will never piss standing up. A slave is subservient to his Master and should not be so presumptuous as to imitate his Master. The Master pisses standing up, His slave does not. The slave will always sit on a toilet or squat down to piss. This will help serve as a reminder of who and what he is. The slave will not use the seat of a toilet. The slave will sit on the cold porcelain when he shits or pisses. The Master uses the seat and the slave's ass is not worthy of touching what He has used.

    The slave shall address the Master as "Sir" or "Master" at all times unless given permission to do otherwise, and shall address the Master with respect at all times. When using formal address, the slave will refer to the Master as "the Master" or "He", and to itself as "the slave" or "it". When using familiar address, the slave will refer to the Master as "Sir" or "You", and to itself as "i" or "me". When speaking to others, the slave will refer to the Master as "my Master" , and to itself as "i" and "me".

    The slave shall, at all times, respectfully request permission to take any action not expressly directed by the Master. A reason must be given for such actions at the time of the request.

    The slave is to use the Master's space with utmost respect and shall always leave any area he is permitted to use in a state of order and cleanliness. Notwithstanding, the slave shall not disturb any of Master's personal belongings without express permission.

    The slave will never wear underwear, except as the Master directs. It is an article of unnecessary clothing. If the slave works on the outside and must wear something, it will be a jockstrap. The slave will never touch its cock, balls, asshole, or tits without the Master's permission. They are for His enjoyment only, not the slave's.

    The slave will have no privacy from his Master. There is nothing that the slave will not reveal to Him. The slave is the Master's property and, as such, He has the right to know everything.

    The slave will sleep at the foot of the Master's bed or in a cage as the Master requires. The slave will only sleep in the Master's bed when ordered to do so.

    At home, the slave will not sit on any furniture unless instructed to do so. The slave will kneel, lay, or sit on the floor as ordered.

    The Master will train the slave and the slave will always do his best to follow instructions. The slave will learn how to serve his Master's every need and desire.

    The slave will never embarrass his Master for fear of being severely punished.

    The slave will always strive to extend his limits to new heights so the Master can be increasingly proud of His property.

    The slave will willingly accept punishment from the Master. It is meant to remind the slave of how he is to behave and perform his duties to Him.

    The slave will offer his body and mind to the Master at any time He desires to use it. The purpose of how He uses the slave is immaterial; it is sufficient that He wants to use it.

    The Master will frequently enjoy Himself in ways that may cause the slave great pain. The slave will learn to accept and rejoice in the fact that it is able to perform that service for Him, even when it means considerable agony.

    The slave will always wear what the Master determines to be the appropriate attire for any given situation. This may be as little as a jockstrap and slave collar, even in public. The fact that this may cause the slave embarrassment is of no concern. When in the Master's home or when the Master is present in the slave's home, the slave will remain naked at all times.

    The slave will keep himself shaved of hair, as ordered or as removed by the Master. When clothing is required, as determined by the Master, it will be specified by the Master.

    All orders are subject to verbal modification at the pleasure of the Master and the Master may impose such additional orders as He deems appropriate.

    The slave shall keep its mind concentrated solely upon service to the Master and shall demonstrate its acceptance of his role of service and availability at all times.

    Whenever the Master or the slave enters a room in which the other is already present, the slave will immediately kneel and kiss the Master's feet, unless physically unable to or under previous orders not to. If the Master's cock is free, the slave will take it into its mouth after kissing the Master's feet and keep it there until the Master orders otherwise.

    The Master may give the slave "free periods" in His presence, during which the slave may express himself openly and freely. There will be no punishment applied during "free periods." It is understood, however, that the slave must still address the Master with respect at all times, and that the slave may be punished for infractions of this rule.

    The slave’s Creed

    i am a cock sucking, ass kissing slave whose sole reason for being is the pleasure of my Master. i have no rights, no privileges, and am worthy of no considerations. my Master's pleasure is my reason for being. my body and mind are His property to do with whatever He chooses. i exist only to serve.

    slave Pledge

    i acknowledge that i am the property of my Master. i swear to always honor my Master through obedience and service to Him. my mind and body are His to use in any way He chooses. i acknowledge my Master is under no obligation to explain His orders nor to justify His punishments, but i am under every obligation to obey Him and accept His punishments. i acknowledge my Master’s seamen is precious and when introduced into my body, i will regard it as a privilege to be the vessel, to hold it within me through swallowing or in my rectum. i vow never to spill nor leak my Master’s precious body fluids. i acknowledge i am a worthless faggot slave and i live to worship, obey and please my Master.