A New Breed of Dominants

  • Back in the old days, slaves were tied up, masked, collared, blindfolded, dressed up in a harness, gagged, tortured, whipped, beaten, made to lick boots, drink piss, caged, made to suck cock, etc, and slaves knew exactly how to properly address a Master.


    However, over two years ago, a new breed of Dominants has come forwarded and have made their mark on the Domination scene.  They are the Financial Dominants.  They are very good looking muscle guys in their 20's and 30's; they say they're straight or bi, show pictures of their feet, their pecs and biceps, talk a bit like a gangster with "da", "innit", etc, and call submissive gay men "faggots", "queer bois" and "cunts", and they come across as being and looking very powerful.


    Most of thse Doms don't care at all for submissives, their limits, their sexual fulfilments, etc.  The Doms just want one thing - YOUR CASH! 


    You don't see photos of them with any submissives - it's just them in the gym, showing off their physiques or stood in nightclubs with women so I wonder if any of these new Dominants would meet or have ever met any gay submissives at all. 


    I know a faggot who made contact with a younger ,very good looking and very muscular Dominant over a year ago.  In a short space of time, the Dominant had gripped the faggot, got the faggot to trust him, and the faggot willingly and voluntarily gave his bank account access details to the Dominant but the faggot didn't know that the Dominant was VERY money orientated at the time. There was very little money left over in the faggot's bank account when the Dominant took a look and no money was taken.  The Dominant told the faggot that he could trust the Dominant. 


    The faggot met the Dominant for the first time in town not long after making contact and went to a phone shop to buy the Dominant an iphone with a 2 year contract and then went back to work.  The faggot had no idea where the Dominant lived but he was so mesmerised by the Dominant, he was desperate to please and serve his new good looking, muscular and very powerful Master.  By this time, the Dominant knew everything about the faggot and the Dominant tried to take out loans and credit cards in the faggot's name, and the faggot knew all about it at the time.  The Dominant had so much power over the faggot and had got into the faggot's head that the faggot couldn't stop the Dominant and he didn't wanted to stop him either.  The faggot even contemplated leaving his partner to go live with the Dominant and handing everything over to him so that the Dominant had complete control over the faggot.  The Dominant wanted the faggot to buy him a new washing machine, bed, settee, etc, but the faggot couldn't as he couldn't afford it.


    When the morning came of the faggot's pay day, the faggot looked into his online bank account and found that nearly two grand had been taken out of his bank account by the Dominant during the early hours of the morning.  Words were exchanged between the Dominant and the faggot but it was too late, the money had gone and the faggot could do nothing about it, even though he had contacted the bank to try to get his money back.


    About three months later, the faggot made contact with the same Dominant who robbed him and apologised to the Dominant for not thanking him for taking the money, and that he was right to take the faggot's money, even though the faggot had to take out a loan to be able to support himself and his partner.  The faggot admitted that he couldn't stop thinking about the Dominant, kept looking at his profile and wanted to continue to serve him.  The Dominant had well and truly got the faggot under his thumb.


    To this day, the faggot tributes the same Dominant each month but in much smaller amounts.  The faggot's bank log in details had changed so the Dominant can't access the bank.  The only time that the Dominant makes contact with the faggot is when he wants money and that's it.  There's no chat online or by text - it's just "time to tribute" and the faggot tributes the Dominant that day and thanks him.  The faggot texts the Dominant to ask how he is, has he found any more slaves, etc, but the Dominant never gets back to him.  The faggot knows that he is shit under the Dominant's boots and the Dominant only wants to know the faggot for one thing - his cash.  The Dominant doesn't offer to meet with the faggot or return any messages - it's just "time to tribute faggot" and the faggot obeys.


    So, after all this, are the Financial Dominants the new "Dominant" to be respected, feared, worshipped and adored or are they just lazy, bone idle, escorts who have absolutely no inclination to work and meet up with any submissives whatsoever?


    Or is it the fault of the faggots who gave power (as well as cash) to these new Dominants and the new Dominants took cash tributing a lot further?


    I know 4 Financial Dominants who are great looking, have fantastic physiques and earned thousands of pounds by taking money off faggots.  Only one of the Financial Dominants met up with faggots and he is doing very well at the moment after 3 years. 


    However, the other 3 Financial Dominants who never met submissives spent their tributes on designer gear and are now in heavy debt themselves.  The reasons for that are that the 3 Financial Dominants overspent, took out loans (hoping that the tributes would pay off the loans), went out for expensive meals, holidays, etc, expected their faggots to pay the Financial Dominants' bills and they never saved the tributes.


    So fellow Dominants and faggots, what are your views on the new breed of Dominants?


    Faggots - any stories you want to tell us about your experiences (good or bad) about your encounters with Financial Dominants?


    What is it about these new Dominants that gets faggots all hot under their slave collars?

  • Dilas17
    Dilas17 I have had experiences on the flip side where slaves have asked me to control their finances--one slave in the first 20 minutes of conversation before we even knew each other. I have always refused direct control; nor will I ask for tributes that I know ...  more
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  • bootsvc4u
    bootsvc4u All worship, homage, praise, pampering, pleasure, service, satisfaction and tributes are due to superior men. i am in the sevice of a real time mwm who requires tributes. i pay HIS rent monthly, make a weekly gift offering to HIM, make smaller tributes ea...  more
    August 7, 2013
  • RubberEd82
    RubberEd82 Ok, so this comment is a bit "late to the party", but the original blog made my blood run cold. There's a deeply disturbing edge to this. I really worry about submissive men who feel the need to be validated in this way. So you relinquish your hard earned...  more
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  • bbottomff
    bbottomff To each his own. I'm a sexual submissive. It's my fetish. Not my lifestyle.