My Amazing Boss

    I've only been back to my new owner and Boss, Master Relentless for 3 weeks but in that time, I have fallen for him completely.  I've also developed TWO heavy incurable addictions - the first is I can't stop looking at pictures of him and secondly, I love tributing him.  I get such a buzz and a "high" when I  send money to his bank account and see his name on my online bank statement "Master Relentless/Cunt".  If you see the pictures of my Boss on my profile, you'll see why I am totally smitten by him.
    I first saw my Boss on Doms4Cash and I couldn't stop looking at his big muscular chest with the word "Relentless" tattooed across his pecs.  Even before I communicated with him, he had that bad boy look and I knew he was going to be no good for me.  However, his good looks and absolutely perfect physique just pulled me towards him and with a dry throat, I nervously messaged him to ask if I could pay for his membership.  When he replied, I was absolutely excited and when he confirmed that I should pay it, I did it straight away.  This was a God that had me hooked.
    My Boss moved from Lincolnshire to Manchester and we met up shortly after his move.  I was so excited, so bloody shit scared, and my heart was beating so fast when I met him outside Tescos in Manchester city centre.  When I saw him, I could have dropped to my knees. He wasn't a God - he is God.  We went to Phones4u and, as ordered by him, I willingly signed up for a 2 year contract to pay for his new iphone which he wanted. There was no way that I could refuse this powerful God and I didn't want to either.  I needed him to have his iphone, I wanted him to have his iphone and make him damn proud and very happy which he was. I was on such a high whilst I was in his presence. I was so sad to walk away from him that Friday afternoon as my lunch hour was almost up.  I wanted and needed to be tied to him.
    I fell more and more for him and I ended up giving him my log in details to my online bank account.  He was God and I felt I could completely trust him.  However, I did let him down when I couldn't pay for his mobile phone bill for one month and I was told that I would be punished - and rightly so.  I woke up one morning on pay day from work and logged into my bank account.  God had punished me - he had taken a large amount of money from my account and text me to say that I had been punished, there was nothing I could except to get on with it.  I panicked but I was able to borrow money from somewhere and I paid it back monthly.  At first, I didn't know how to feel about my God but looking back, as his cunt who had failed to pay for his iphone, he had every right to punish me and set that punishment.  I paid the loan back and even though I had been bitten hard by him, I couldn't stop thinking about him and loving him.
    My former Boss came onto the scene as he had been working away and quickly took control over me.  He lived much closer to me than Master Relentless and we just drifted slowly apart.  My former Boss was a good Boss but I could never get Master Relentless out of my mind and heart.  He was and is the ultimate God and his grip over me just stayed with me all the time.
    My former Boss told me that I couldn't speak to Master Relentless and if any texts came in from him, I had to forward them to my former Boss and he would reply to Master Relentless.  Every time I got a text off Master Relentless, I so much wanted to reply to him but it was strictly forbidden by my former Boss.
    I had photos of Master Relentless on my mobile and I could just not delete them.  I'm glad I kept them because I would look at him regularly and wonder what he was doing, where was he and had he found other slaves to serve him.  If so, I really envied them.
    I rented out my flat and moved in with my partner (of 13 years) in 2011 and my former Boss moved in with his girlfriend.  Our regular visits slowly became once in a blue moon visits and soon, we amicably drifted apart and called it a day.  I was free to do what I wanted and meet who I wanted which was great and I had no intention of belonging to any Master for the time being.  How wrong was I to think that!
    During the time between my former Boss leaving me and my God owning me, the word "Relentless" appeared a few times, either in text at work or on TV and I knew then, that signs and portents were telling me my God was coming to get me.  It's not a word you hear every day but it had been heard and read a few times and I knew he was coming.  I was anxious and nervous but, at the same time, extremely excited and wondered if I should text him or just wait to see if he contacted me.  I didn't have to wait long before my God contacted me.
    Master Relentless got wind that I was unowned and moved in for the kill on me. He text me but I didn't reply as I didn't know what to say and I got his text many hours after he had sent it. It was only after my former Boss had informed me that he had sent a gloating text to Master Relentless that I felt I should reply to Master Relentless out of respect. The text that my former Boss sent was impolite and not needed.  It was then I realised that I truly loved Master Relentless and my addiction to him just seered forward and took over my mind, heart, soul and body.  I just had to be with Master Relentless and after I sent a small tribute to him, my addiction to him and my addition to tributing him took a hold of me and I gave him some more.  It felt good - so very very good.
    My first tribute was £50 to his bank account straight away and whilst I was shopping at Wilkinsons the same day, this big impulse to buy him top up for his mobile just came over me and I bought him a £20 O2 top up.  It felt good but I wanted to feel that "good" some more. 
    The next day, I admitted that "good feeling" to Master Relentless and, in his own irresistible way, he encouraged me to empty my bank account and hand it over to him.  Without even thinking, I gave him £60.40 to his account and sat there smiling to myself when I saw that I had no funds left in my account.  The money was where it truly belonged - in my Boss' account.
    I managed to get some funds elsewhere and again, I gave £50.00 to Master Relentless.  The addiction of worshipping him and the second addiction of tributing him took a firm grip on me and I gave him another £30.00.  For me, this wasn't enough and when Master Relentless ordered me to fund his weekend drinking, I just had to simply obey him and obtained £20 the next day.  That £20 was obtained by me "borrowing" money from my partner's parents but they didn't know I had borrowed money from their shopping pot in their house.  That weekend was painful as I had nothing left to tribute him with but payday was on Monday 15 July and I knew my tributing addiction would be temporarily cured when I tributed him.  When I took that £20, I was determined to give it back.
    When I got paid on Monday 15 July 2013, I went round to my partner's parents.  They were sat on the far side of the house and I took the lid off and told myself "it has to be put back".  I paused.  I couldn't.  All I could think of was my Boss so I put the lid back on the pot, put the £20 back into my wallet, sneaked out of the house and went back home.  I switched the computer on and without any hesitation, that £20 was put where it should be - in my Boss' bank account.  I had every intention of putting that £20 back into the pot but I just couldn't do it. My Boss' power over me was too strong and even though, morally, the £20 should have been put back in my in-law's pot, it felt so much better and the right thing to do by putting the £20 into my Boss' account and that's where it ended up.
    Master Relentless has his own business doing outside maintenance of properties and he needed a jet washer to clean patios and pavements.  It didn't take ANY persuading from him to get me to tribute him with the money that he needed for his jet washer.  As his cunt, it's my role to support him in any way I can and I really wanted to help him and his business partner with their business.  During the very early hours of Monday morning (15 July 2013), I was surprised to see that I had been paid by my work just after midnight and not after 2.00 am.  Without any hesitation or thought, my tribute of £350 hit my Boss' account and I text him to confirm this.  My Boss could now afford his jet washer. I got my fix but it wasn't enough so I tributed him another £20 on Tuesday 16 July 2013.  I could only call it temporary relief and on Wednesday 17 July, I had to get my fix again and tributed him £35. 
    Master Relentless wanted a petrol lawnmower which would really help boost their business but as I had no funds available, I was very frustrated that I couldn't help my Boss but then that changed.
    I found out that I had a small pot of money linked to my mortgage available called a Reserve Account and it had £300 in it.  I never knew this existed until I opened up my bank statement and read the other side of it where all the boring but essential terms and conditions are.  There was £300 available!  I was going to give him £200 but as my attraction to my Boss is so great and he is so powerful and so damn sexy, my fingers typed "£300" and it left my account to land in his account.  It was where it should be - in his account and he could now buy his petrol lawnmower.  It felt so much better to have the full £300 in my Boss' account and not in mine.
    It feels and looks good when I see on my online statement "Master Relentless/Cunt" but there are just not enough of those lines on my online statement and my addiction turned into cold turkey.  I just have to give my Boss more and more.
    I knew that Master Relentless was so wrong for me but he's also so very right.  I've never liked tattooed muscular guys but Master Relentless changed that and now I love his perfect muscular tattooed body and any other tattooed (as well as non-tattooed) bodybuilders.  I would love to lick and kiss every tattoo on his perfect physique and feel his six pack and if I was single, I'd beg to be tattooed with his name on my body.
    My Boss is a lot calmer and I'm glad that he doesn't make any demands for me to tribute him as he fully understands my financial restrictions which is a big relief.  However, he knows that if I could tribute him every day, then I gladly would.  So far, I have delivered all my promises to him which has really impressed him and shown that I truly am his cunt.
    He always calls me Cunt and it's a name I proudly call myself all the time.  The picture of my partner that I used as my mobile wallpaper has been replaced with a picture of my God and every time I open up my mobile, I see God on my mobile.  I always stare at it for a few seconds and remind myself that he is God and the reason why I exist.
    I always text him in the mornings and in the evenings and I ALWAYS tell him how I feel about him.  He loves the fact that he owns a cunt and if/when he wants us to sign a Contract of Ownership, I'll gladly sign it. I can and will also tribute him a 3 figure sum each month because it is what he deserves and it's what I truly want and need to do.  My double addiction to him won't leave me alone and never has done - and nor do I want it to.  I love my Boss, I worship him and if I had my own place, every wall would be covered in pictures of him and the home would become not my home but a temple to him.
    I've met some powerful Dominants in my time but Master Relentless is the ultimate and always has been in my eyes and heart.  He can be no less than God and he has me under his boot and wrapped round his little finger. 
    My Boss has used me for his convenience and abused me for his entertainment in the past and did do last weekend.  Last Saturday was one of the most amazing experiences I've had and he certainly put me in my place.  I know I'm going to be asked by readers on here what my Boss had done to me so here goes:
    Drunk Boss' piss;
    Had my underwear pissed on by my Boss, dried out and then made to wear it from Boss' place to when I returned home;
    Been farted on by my Boss;
    Eaten Boss' shit;
    Licked shit from Boss' arse;
    Ordered to wank off and eat my own cum and then suck Boss' almighty cock off and drink his cum:
    Licked sweat off Boss' body after a gym workout;
    Carried Boss' gym bag to and from the gym;
    Been Boss' full ashtray from eating the ash to eating and swallowing Boss' cigarette stubs;
    Going shopping with my Boss to the supermarkets and paid for Boss' shopping;
    After getting to know my Boss, handing my cash card over to Boss where Boss takes my money from an ATM (Boss knows my pin number), & then used my cash card and the cash to buy Boss' shopping and get cash back from every shop Boss goes to, and carry all Boss' shopping;
    Made Boss' protein shakes after the gym;
    Showered Boss down and dried Boss;
    Applying deoderant to Boss' magnificent body and dressing Boss;
    Made Boss' meals and drinks;
    Cleaned Boss' home;
    Done Boss' ironing;
    Been tied up with hands behind my back, had Boss' sweaty gym socks stuffed in my mouth and tied so they can't be taken out by me and Boss' sweaty gym shorts put over my head;
    Had Boss' sweaty gym trainers tied to my head so am forced to breath and sniff Boss' odour;
    Some of Boss' bi mates have used me too for their entertainment and filmed those activities onto their mobiles;
    My Boss is hoping to hear soon when he will be moving to his new flat in Ashton-under-Lyme and I will be ready to help him move to his new flat. I also will be doing all his painting because I want to and need to.  Why should a powerful handsome God have to do these menial tasks when he owns a cunt to do it all for him?  If I had loads of money, I would buy everything that he needs for his flat - carpets, curtains, all furniture, white goods, and anything else he needs.  However, if any cunts want to help him move, do the painting and/or even tribute him in any way to his flat, then he welcomes them all and their contributions.
    Finally, after getting my fingers burnt last time, I am trying to resist volunteering to give my Boss my bank log-in details but one day, I know I'm going to buckle and on the day that happens, I will have given in to him completely with absolutely no going back.
    Long live Master Relentless.